About LegalEase

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Our products are highly specialised business applications for Attorneys, Accountants, Liquidators and Trust Companies and are based on the laws of South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. Our products deal with Insolvency Law (LegalEase Insolvent Estates), Estates Administration Law (LegalEase Deceased Estates), Company Law (LegalEase Company Forms) and a Wills Register.

We develop Windows(r)-based, multiuser, LAN and WAN applications. Database back-ends, besides the standard self-contained native database driver, include MS SQL and Oracle. Clients have the option to select any of these database back-ends depending on their IT requirements. Clients purchase the "vanilla" version of any of our products and then has the option to customize it to suit their preferences.

To name all our clients will fill another few web pages! So allow us to name just a few large companies like Standard Executors and Trustees, BoE Trust, Old Mutual Trust, PricewaterhouseCoopers, FedTrust, Sentinel International and Sanlam Trust, FNB Trust (Namibia). Out client list also includes Bregman Mitchley Attorneys; Malherbe, Rigg & Ranwell;  P.A. Coetzee Attorneys; Strauss Daly; D&T Trust; Fordham & Oshry Auditors and Abramowitz Schulenkowski & Associates. You are, obviously, welcome to call us for a contact person and telephone number of these clients in order to obtain their opinion regarding the program and our after-sales support!